Saturday, 19 December 2009

2010 Plan

The plan for 2010 is to attempt a Randonneur Round the Year (200 for 12 consecutive months) and to do another Super Randonneur series (200, 300, 400, 600).

The RRtY was my original and only plan for 2010. The SR came only because, for some bizarre reason, I want to do the Bryan Chapman 600 again. For that you need to build up by cycling a 300 and a 400. I'm on the same trajectory as the Fabulous Faccombe Four, so it can't be helped :). Then the second half of the year is when the FNRttC comes into play. One of the rides I am most looking forward to, is the FNRttC to Dieppe. The plan is stop over in Le Treport and the next day, cycle to my parent's place in Rumbeke (Belgium).

09 Jan: The Poor Student 200 - NOT DONE due to ice/snow
23 Jan: The Willy Warmer 200 - DONE
27 Feb: The Kennet Valley Run 200 - with the Faccombe Four - DONE
27 Mar: The Dean 300 - DONE
16 Apr: FNRttS - DONE
24 Apr: The Severn Across 400 - DONE
15 May: The Bryan Chapman 600 - with the Faccombe Four - DONE
28 May: FNRttC Whitstable - NOT DONE
19 June: Brussels - Paris - Brussels 600 - DONE
25 Jun: FNRttC Bognor Regis - DONE
15 Jul: FNRttC Dieppe - onto Rumbeke!! 200 DIY - DONE
12 Aug: The Severn to Wye 200 PERM - DONE
14 Aug: The Radnor Roundabout 100 - DONE
27 Aug: FNRttC Whitstable - DONE
19 Sep: The William the Conkerer - DONE
02 Oct: The Upper Tea 200 - NOT DONE - The Anfractuous 200 instead
22 Oct: FNRttC Whitstable - DONE
06 Nov: The Upper Thames - not planned but DONE
19 Nov: FNRttC Brighton - NOT DONE due to holidays

Monday, 7 December 2009

The South Bucks Winter Warmer 200

I had a pair of devils sitting on each shoulder during early parts of this ride! Each shoulder pair would argue amongst themselves, working out what would get to me the most: "She doesn't need to do this - its not going towards an SR or anything!". From the other side: "She could be sitting at home, warm, dog on lap, writing Christmas cards." Then the cross-departmental arguments would start: "Above all, what is the point cycling in lovely country side when its dark at 4PM and you can't see anything".

My motivation had been a bit lacking, and I had promised myself beforehand that I needn't cycle in the rain yet again. To set off with those thoughts is never good. Fortunately, it didn't last long. As soon as I told the devils that I was going to get to the first control at least, they had gone.

I'm pleased I did it - as always, I never regret doing a ride. The support the riders were giving each other was extraordinary. I loved the peleton forming in Twyford. It was reminiscent of FNRttC as we were going over the weir. Before that I had a good run with Terry and his mate (Brian?). I heard Terry's mate say at some point: "There is nothing I would rather be doing". I had to agree with him - despite the devils' acrobatics earlier on.

I haven't quite got the hang of the GPS yet, but it was a great help nevertheless. Terry and his mate were expert routesheet readers. And if there was a hint of hesitation, at least I could contribute something and shout out: "Yes, its right here!". When I was on my own, I gradually relied more and more on the GPS. But I must do a short Richmond Park ride to explore the best way to use the GPS.

Another bit I liked was the approach to Bisley - home of the National Shooting Centre. You could hear the shooting from a long way away. When we cycled around the ground, I was amazed by the enormous distance the targets are set at.

Haslemere had the High Street closed off for the Christmas Market. There was quite an atmosphere there. I tried not to look or smell the lovely smells of baking, toffee, mulled wine ...



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