Friday 12 June 2009

The Summer Warmer 200

Quick update (sorry no pictures this time).

Seems a long time ago since I did the Bryan Chapman Memorial ride. Its time to get back in the routine of weekend Audaxing.

This weekend was a 200km ride in Buckinghamshire, starting in Great Kingshill. My aim was to ride out of my comfort zone as much as possible.

I averaged 21.6km/hr. I'm very happy with that, because my LEL calculations are based on 20km/hr. It took 9:45 hours to cycle 230km (excluding stops).

It was a wonderfully sunny day, with a great route, going out to the Guildord/Hazelmere area.

Next Saturday, I'll be cycling the start and end of LEL. I'll go out from about 7AM for 6 hours and then return. It will be interesting to see what distance I cover. On the Sunday, I'll do a repeat for the three Richmond Park laps, which I did last Saturday and aim to beat my time (too bad to publish!).


Anonymous said...

We staan versteld van je enorme edelmoedigheid tot het bereiken van je edel doel: mensen helpen.
We zijn fier op jou .
meim en peip

Kris said...

Het zit hem in de uitdaging en het verleggen van je grenzen, de uithouding en de voorbereiding.Gelukkig verloopt alles nu naar wens, niet te veel panne en blessures.Goed zo!xxx