Thursday 12 November 2009

Hanwell to Hanwell DIY 200

Yesterday was quite tough and I was pleased to finish. It was a grey-ish day, but without too much rain or wind.

Cycling from Hanwell (London) to Hanwell (Banbury) and back was something I had to do, but not to be repeated I would think, at least not on a weekday. Most of the ride had a rushed feel about it. I put it down to the traffic. There was the commuting traffic: everybody in a rush and driving wishing they were already further. And there was the school run traffic: mums in a rush and hunting for a car park. Why can't 11th November be a public holiday as in Belgium? And in between, it was also rushed, because I knew that the ride was 'over distance' (more about DIYs later), and I didn't have much time buffer.

A highlight was the use of the GPS for the first time. I wouldn't have made it without it, not in time anyway. Apart from the navigation, a GPS is like a loyal friend. After a long stretch, you look down, and there is its, still with you, showing you were you are.

This is the elevation profile, one way.

The advantage of this DIY is that I can get out of the door and start cycling. And of course, after finishing also, just get a receipt somewhere and then 2 minutes and I'm home. Normally, I would have an hours drive home.

Hanwell, Banbury, is a lovely old village with stone buildings. I didn't do it any justice. It would be worth going back to visit the 12th century church. There is "Hanwell Castle" also. I mentioned Hanwell to a few local friends and we might visit Hanwell together sometime next year. It was also recounted how deliveries to the old pub (name?) on St Margarets Rd used to end up in Oxfordshire.

Amazing to think that only 65km further you'd be in Birmingham!

Some more pictures on the slideshow till the next ride or here: Clicky


Anonymous said...

nice to read your DIY trip, and so pleases your GPS came in useful.
Indeed you should have the day of in the U.K. on the 11 th as in Belgium.
So glad to made it and along the way thought of ringing peip to wish him a happy birthday: very much appreciated.
Meim en Peip

Kris said...

Nice pictures of the landscape in autumn time.
I hope your next ride will be on a sunny dry winterday, without much traffic...
I hope the weeks fly away to see you at Xmas !!
Then your "horse" can have a holiday and stay in its "stable!" to recuperate from the steep hills!
Bye bye, xx