Saturday 19 December 2009

2010 Plan

The plan for 2010 is to attempt a Randonneur Round the Year (200 for 12 consecutive months) and to do another Super Randonneur series (200, 300, 400, 600).

The RRtY was my original and only plan for 2010. The SR came only because, for some bizarre reason, I want to do the Bryan Chapman 600 again. For that you need to build up by cycling a 300 and a 400. I'm on the same trajectory as the Fabulous Faccombe Four, so it can't be helped :). Then the second half of the year is when the FNRttC comes into play. One of the rides I am most looking forward to, is the FNRttC to Dieppe. The plan is stop over in Le Treport and the next day, cycle to my parent's place in Rumbeke (Belgium).

09 Jan: The Poor Student 200 - NOT DONE due to ice/snow
23 Jan: The Willy Warmer 200 - DONE
27 Feb: The Kennet Valley Run 200 - with the Faccombe Four - DONE
27 Mar: The Dean 300 - DONE
16 Apr: FNRttS - DONE
24 Apr: The Severn Across 400 - DONE
15 May: The Bryan Chapman 600 - with the Faccombe Four - DONE
28 May: FNRttC Whitstable - NOT DONE
19 June: Brussels - Paris - Brussels 600 - DONE
25 Jun: FNRttC Bognor Regis - DONE
15 Jul: FNRttC Dieppe - onto Rumbeke!! 200 DIY - DONE
12 Aug: The Severn to Wye 200 PERM - DONE
14 Aug: The Radnor Roundabout 100 - DONE
27 Aug: FNRttC Whitstable - DONE
19 Sep: The William the Conkerer - DONE
02 Oct: The Upper Tea 200 - NOT DONE - The Anfractuous 200 instead
22 Oct: FNRttC Whitstable - DONE
06 Nov: The Upper Thames - not planned but DONE
19 Nov: FNRttC Brighton - NOT DONE due to holidays


Anonymous said...

Wat een programma. Waar wij het meest naar uitzien is natuurlijk de fietstocht Dieppe Rumbeke.!!!
Veel succes voor al je ritten.
Meim and Peip

Silverbackcyclist said...

I'll see you on at least 5 of your 1st 6 rides.
I'm down for the BC again and hope to get some sleep before it this time.
I'm also expressed interest for the Lowlands 1200 in July.
See you in Oxford in 3 weeks :-)

Swarm_Catcher said...

Hey Rich. Is it only in 3 weeks! I must stop telling myself its "next year". See you there.

Kris said...

Verslik je toch maar niet njè.Dat zijn enorm veel kilometers.Laat je fiets regelmatig rusten hé....

Chillmoister said...

Hi Els .....looks like you've got another great year of cycling lined up ...and I'm very happy that the Faccomb4 will become the Faccomb5 for a few of the rides :-). Happy Christmas!

George Swain said...

Hey Swarm Catcher,

What a great looking season you have ahead! I'd love to accomplish the RUSA R-12 award here in the US, but with family commitments and nasty winter weather, it has eluded me. Good luck to you! A friend I made and cycled with on LEL raved about the Bryan Chapman 600. I'm very jealous. Just finished the 3-hour Lake Placid training DVD. Loved it! I'll post my 2010 goals later this week.