Thursday 23 December 2010

2011 Plan

The plan for 2011 is to do PBP in August. In order to qualify for that you need to do a Super Randonneur series (200, 300, 400, 600). And of course I'll fit in as many FNRttCs as I can.

A few things stand out:
  • introducing friends to FNRttC to Southend,

  • maybe a FNRttC from Manchester extended into a ride to York

  • or maybe the Valley of the Rocks 200 in Devon

  • BCM is always a highlight

  • a new 600 in the Invicta or Wessex

  • FNRttC to Whitstable, but I might not be able to do it

  • FNRttC to Newhaven and home, will it be as good as last year?

  • PBP

08 Jan: The Poor Student 200 - DONE
22 Jan: The Willy Warmer 200 - DONE
26 Feb: The Kennet Valley Run 200 - DONE
18 Mar: FNRttC Southend with Mandy and Rob - DONE without Mandy and Rob
26 Mar: The Dean 300 - DONE
15 Apr: FNRttC Manchester OR The Valley of the Rocks 200 - NOT DONE (Work reasons)
22 Apr: FNRttC Bognor - NOT DONE, Easter Arrow instead
22 Apr: Easter Arrow to York - DONE
30 Apr: The Severn Across 400 - DONE
14 May: The Bryan Chapman 600 - DONE
11 Jun: The Invicta 600 OR The Wessex 600 - NOT DONE, London to Brighton 300 DIY instead
17 Jun: FNRttC Whitstable - DONE
25 June: Yorkshire Dales 200 PERM - DONE 
15 Jul: FNRttC Brighton - DONE
21 Jul: FNRttC Newhaven - 300 to Rumbeke - DONE
06 Aug: The West Bay and Back 200 with Jamie - DONE
13 Aug: a 100 or DIY 200 - NOT DONE (can't remember why)
21 Aug: Le Paris Brest Paris 1200 - Frame number 5741 - DONE!!!


Anonymous said...

We zijn blij dat we je fietsplannen nu kennen, en zullen natuurlijk alles vanop afstand volgen Behalve als je naar 't oveke rijdt. Dan staan we je op te wachten.
Een hele boterham... maar 't bijzonderste is dat je je jeunt.
See you and Sarah next week.
Meim en Peip xxx xxx

George Swain said...

Looks like you have a full dance card this season! Go for it! Looking forward to following your progress and, of course, to seeing you in Paris in August. Bon chance!

Kris said...

I would be exhausted doing this by car!
And you are cycling this!!
I think you are going to do about 6OOO or 7ooo kms?
Hope you will experience new adventures!.We love following hero's!!:)