Thursday 28 April 2011

The Severn Across 400

A second 400 in two weeks.  The Easter Arrow 400 'doesn't count'.  Would you believe that?  I mean, would you believe that I'm beginning to think like that.  When I first did audax rides, the points and award system meant nothing to me.  It was the excellent routes and company I was looking for.  But now, with having to qualify for PBP, it matters whether rides 'count' or not, and the Easter Arrow didn't.  Still, 4 points will be awarded and I have a small desire to reach 50 points this season,.  It occurred to me during LEL year, that, if I had registered all rides I would have got close to 50 points.  So in PBP year, I thought I should make that happen.  It might be a once in a lifetime achievement.  50 points mean 5000km in audaxes above 200km.  It is not massive compared with what 'mileeaters' do, but you wouldn't achieve 50 points without some planning and understanding from the people around you.

Looking forward to cycling through the wonderful countryside again.  I love the ride, it is a bigger loop of the Dean 300.  And with an excellent stop at the Turkish Aslan cafe in Chepstow, I'll treat it as two 200s.

Severn Across 400 route - going anticlockwise
A massive tailwind (24km/h) is forecast for Saturday.  Shame we'll have to turn around at Chepstow.  My strategy is to take it easy and enjoy it.  Still, if I could get to Membury Services by midnight, that would be even better.  Then I can have a couple of hours rest, before finishing the last 100km or so.  Finishing within 24 hours, again, would be great, but I'm not going for it.  You can follow me on twitter (swarm_catcher #audaxuk).


Anonymous said...

50 punten verdienen is wel de moeite, zeker als je weet waarvoor dat staat.
Geen regen vandaag, hoewel die voorspeld was, we hopen ook geen regen morgen.
Stel het opperbest. We verlangen voor je tweets.
Meim en Peip xxx xxx

Kris said...

Ik begin je strategie wel een beetje te kennen..." take it easy"...En in 24 uur binnen zijn...dat wil zeggen: goe voortdoen met windvanachter, beetje rusten en goed blijven duwen in t were keren waarvan de laatste 10Okm afzien is.( lijk de beesten zoals ze zeggen)
Maar toch , zoals je zegt: enjoy the ride!!:)
Groetjes, tot tweets! xxx