Sunday 8 January 2012

The Poor Student 200

Comedy award goes to Jason for turning up for the ride with two left shoes.  You can't recommend to do such things, but look at Andy Allsopp who found himself at the start of LEL 2009 without shoes.  He ended up having such a memorable event that he wrote a book about it.  If you still haven't read it, get it now!: Barring Mechanicals

We were already in Chipping Camden when Jason and his buddy appeared, all happy and bubbly like they were having the time of their lives! Most people would have got back in the car and driven home.  People made for bigger things find the nearest bike shop and buy a new pair of shoes.  Chapeau Jason, it was wonderful to see you.

There were 82 riders!  I couldn't take any photos at the start, because my hands were having a good dose of Raynaud's syndrome.  Fortunately, I know it is only a matter of time, before the blood supply comes back, so I just have to sit it out.  But when it happened again in Chipping Camden I was more concerned.  There was a lot of braking and changing gears to be done - sitting it out to doesn't really help.  Still, I managed.  

Here are my companions for the day, busy repairing Louise's puncture while I was busying myself taking pictures:

Looks flat doesn't it? Well have a look at this photo:

Compton Abdale
Compton Abdale is a bailing point according to Louise: only 8 miles to Cheltenham where there is a train station.  The second leg in the Poor Student is hilly.  The last leg still has a few remnants also.  It is a fantastic route.  I love the Poor Student and it is a very good permanent option in the summer.

So, we have points on the board for 2012.  Next up will be the Willesden Willy Warmer 200.  In fact, that will be my last audax before the Southern Kiwi Hunt 1200.  Eeek, that focusses the mind!  I might 'go for time'.  At least I'm going to go for time efficiency, just to get my eye in again.  Faffing on an audax is like gravity, it is always there, you're constantly battling against it.  Take you're eye off and you're flat on the ground, with half an hour lost.

You might wonder what else I'll be doing before the Southern Kiwi Hunt?  The Surrey Hilly 50 and The Faccombe Haul.  Other than that, lots of work in the gym spin studio.

Big thank you to Iddu for organising for the first time since taking for from Dave Bew.

Photos are on the slideshow till the next ride, or here: Clicky


Anonymous said...

De 1ste rit van 2012 heb je weer goed gedaan!
Volgende keer misschien handschoenen met schaapswol in dragen?
Mooie foto's van een prachtige streek.
Bravo Bengske xxx xxx

Kris said...

Ik weet het : koud is niet alleen de koude voelen terwijl je niets doet maar is vooral de pijn als je spieren wel iets moeten doen.Als messen in je vingers, tenen en benen! En als je als bij wonder toch weer opwarmt,haalt heel je lijfje een slaak van hebt dat kloek gedaan!well done xx

Martin Badham said...

Tricycling Friday here, please tell ppPete that thanks to him I managed to get round. Squeaked into Chipping Campden on the stroke of 17:48 according to the Co-op till; made it to the finish for 21:31. Repair made more interesting by an audience of elderly gentlemen whose cycling experience didn't include super-links and were convinced I was doing it all wrong. I have just registered on the forum and apparently need to wait for approval before I can tell him myself - but thanks! Martin

Mandy said...

I love your lists, this makes sense to me, thinking around things. Good company will find you on the ride Els, actual or virtual. I hope you have an amazing time in New Zealand, safe & happy cycling. Mandy x