Monday 12 March 2012

FNRttC Brighton - March 2012

Never again! This has been the worst FNRttC ever!

That is because I didn't do the ride. After bailing out (I needed a couple more days Kiwi Hunt recovery) I thought to join the riders on arrival at the Madeira cafe.

The Madeira Cafe ready for FNRttC business

It was a wonderful spring morning - I wondered what the night ride would have been like. I wasn't prepared for the quantity and quality of words posted on the forum afterwards:

  • What a lovely bunch of people you all are - GregCollins 
  • One of the most enjoyable FNRttCs I have done - Sittingduck 
  • I really, really enjoyed that - my fave and best FNRttC to date - ed! 
  • What fabulous fun. A splendid ride - hatler 
  • thank you for all contributing to one of life's great pleasures - hatler 
  • Spiffy ride - Tim Hall 
  • What a brilliant FNRttC - ianruk 
  • I think this might just have been the best one yet - TinyMyNewt 
  • what a lovely bunch of people to spend the night with, I'm so lucky!! - TinyMyNewt 
  • well, that was a delight - dellzeqq 
  • What a splendid bunch you are, and how lucky am I to know you! - dellzeqq 
  • A definet top FNRttC - Nigel182 
  • Can't wait for the next one! - Christophe 
  • What a fab ride that was! - Mice 
  • Magic. Just magic. - rb58 
  • By heck that was great. - StuAff 
  • One of the best FNRttCs I've been on. - Martin235 
  • it was definitely one of best night rides. - thegreenman 
I tried to reconcile and tell myself that, if you haven't done many FNRttCs, then this could easily be the best ever for you. But some of these quotes are by regulars!  McWobble wrote "I can't really put my finger on why this FNRttC was so good."  That is the magic about FNRttC, rides seem to get better and better. Or is it that the first of the season is a re-awakening?

It's not all that bad.  Seeing people arrive, especially the new ones, and learn how they enjoyed the ride is wonderful. Catching up with regulars, is like catching up with friends. A touching story by Katie Sutton, reminds you, what a ride can mean to people.

The other benefit was that I could see the Brighton seafront from a different angle. I took some photos: Clicky

Mice posted some lovely photos here: Clicky

The Kiwi Hunt write up is in progress - amazing how a ride can take time to sink in and translate into words.

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Anonymous said...

We love the photo's! I understand you were pleased to see "old" cyclefriends and new faces, but we are sure the pleasure was vice versa!!!
Glad you took a rest and there will be many more FNRttc rides in the future in which you will be able to take part.
Congratulations again with your achievement in NZ.
Meim and Peip xxx xxx