Monday 25 June 2012

6 July Russian 1200: Vologda - Onega - Ladoga

East to west, we are going, and around the two biggest lakes of Europe: Onega and Ladoga.    I wonder if we'll get a chance to see the endemic species of seal, Ladoga seal.

The details are here:VOL Route Details

The route is unusual in that it is not circular, nor 'there-and-back'.  I will arrive in St Petersburg on Wednesday 4th, and will take an overnight train to Vologda.  In Vologda, there will be a day 'free'.  The ride starts on the Friday at 7AM.  After the finish on Tuesday (1AM) we'll take a bus back to St Petersburg.  I fly home on Thursday 12th.

Around 70 riders are registered. There a few familiar names like Ivo and Abraham Cohen. Jan, who did the Kiwi ride, and another Belgian will also be present.

The photos taken on previous editions of the ride leave me intrigued and drawn to the area.

Do leave a comment if you know of any points of interest along the route.


Anonymous said...

Dat zal nogal een belevenis zijn! Goed dat we nu reeds een idee hebben waar je zal fietsen, via de map en de foto's. Thank you om het op je blog te zetten!
Geniet van elke minuut!
Meim en Peip xxx xxx

Dean Clementson said...

Hope you have fun - it looks like a grand adventure.

Kris said...

Vergis je niet... vodka ziet er precies als water uit wanneer je je pulle bijvult.kwestie van niet te veel uit de bocht te fietsen he!

Arabella said...

Cool. Didn't know you were doing this. It's on my list for if I still have energy when the children are older and I have time to get there overland etc.
Looking foraward to the pics!

Kieran said...

Good Luck Els, looking forward to the usual excellant photos and ride report.

Busy Lizzie said...

Completely new territory to explore: how exciting!
Enjoy the experience!

George Swain said...

Hope the ride provided amazing adventures. Can't wait to read all about it. Hope you're home safe and sound now.

depalan, saju said...

envy thy name is depalan!!!