Monday 10 December 2012

2013 Plan

When the Olympic Games finished I started doing things like baking and putting on weight.  I reached new 'heights' in both.

I wondered whether my audaxing era was over.  I've had a fantastic year, how can I ever top 2012?  Maybe some leisurely touring is the thing to do.  I've got my cycling pilgrimage planned, that will be a gentle touring kind of riding.  That's good enough, in fact that is just perfect.

Then I received an email from 'the russian guys'.  The Chui Tract 1200.  Interesting ... it's in Siberia, connects Russia with Mongolia, amongst the Altai Mountains.  No, of course I'm not doing it.  It would be just one week after finishing the pilgrimage.  The pilgrimage is the main event, I don't want anything overshadowing it.  What about my knees ... I've been off the bike for 4 months ... Altitude goes from 181m to 1836m, whereas the Kiwi Hunt went from sea level to just below 1000m and look how much I struggled on that one.  And anyway, if I did do this ride, I'd have to do a hilly series again, maybe even the 'never again Bryan Chapman 600'.  If I did all that, then I'd almost have to make the pilgrimage into an audax, because I'd be in the running for the 25000 brevet.  And 'all that' could put the pilgrimage itself in jeopardy.  No, no, no!

So here is the plan:

13 Jan -  The King's Worthy 100 - DONE
16 Feb - The Poor Student perm 200 - DONE
23 Feb - One of Manotea's perms 200 - DOING ON 3rd March
02 Mar - The Kennet Valley Run 200 - NOT DONE
03 Mar - The Ditchling Devil 200 perm - DONE
16 Mar - The Dean perm 300 - DNF
28 Mar - FNRttC Felpham - DONE
06 Apr - The 3Down 300 or - DONE
07 Apr - The Dorset Coast 200
26 Apr - FNRttC to Brighton - DONE
03 May - 'Flemish night ride to the coast', not an official FNRttC - DONE
11 May - The Severn Across 400 - ENTERED WITHDRAWN
18 May - The Bryan Chapman 600 - ENTERED WITHDRAWN

26 May- The Pilgrimage 3000, dates confirmed with John Spooner - DONE
18 Jul - FNRttC Newhaven - Dieppe - DONE
... more FNRttCs

Fingers crossed that the knees hold up and fitness returns.  It will be one ride at the time, except you need to book ahead for the longer rides.   We'll see, it's a dream plan, a little top heavy.  But, there it is, I feel better now.
The Chui Tract 1200


Martin Brice said...

well good luck with all that! No LEL?

Anonymous said...

Mo Bengske toch! Ik mag er niet aan denken!!!
Als je het ziet zitten wensen we veeeeel courage!

Meim en Peip xxx xxx

Kris said...

...en wat zegt jouwne velo daarvan?Moest ne gesyndiceerd zijn, je ging in staking wegens overloaded of nen tire burnd out.Stokeer alvast voldoende reservebanden hè.En als de energybars op zijn, roepen hè.xxx