Thursday 5 September 2013

FNRttC Brighton - August 2013

It's been a while since this ride was on, but I haven't forgotten it.  It was most memorable for seeing Rimas.   He had posted that it's not so much the ride he was looking forward to, but seeing the people on the ride.  I can identify with that.  That he's doing a night ride only one week after finishing 'an extreme' event makes you raise your eyebrows.

Rimas had taken part in the Transcontinental Race from London to Istanbul.  That race has an audax feel about it.  Not many people know about it.  There were only two controls on the way.  Riders choose their own route.  Self-suffiency is so revered that drafting is frowned upon and made into one of only 10 rules.  Cyclechatters were glued to the live tracking screen for at least 11 days 7 hours and 21 seconds.  A few other participants were known to us also.  And Juliana Buhring caught the eye as the only female rider.

Rimas deciding what cake to eat
The ride was great.  The new way out of London was perfect.  Loved it.   There were a few early punctures, so that gave a chance for riding slowly, absorbing the night atmosphere, listening, chatting, taking photos... I was in a very relaxed mood.  The only pressure I put on myself was to ask Rimas to tell me more about the Transcontinental Race.

New way out of London
It was a mild night.  But rain, or even downpours had been promised.  I had checked my tyres.  I replaced them both with less worn ones and still took two spares with me.   I wasn't visited, but many others were.  Great! More opportunity for chats and snaps.

It got wet.
At the middle of the night scout hut stop, our leader caught me napping rather than snapping- oh the humiliation!

Caption competition ...

There are reports of people missing a turning.  I had a few moments of hesitation myself.  So let me share a top tip with budding way markers: stay with your bike and point your bike in the direction of travel.  There is more you can do, but that is a good starter.

Anyhow, I 'd like to thank all way markers, TECs, riders I chatted with, Rimas, and Simon for making it  another memorable ride.

Now, I'm going to read 'Not Without My Sister', a book co-written by Juliana Buhring, about her upbringing and escape from a cult.  Thanks to meim for highlighting that.  And do read Juliana's blog post on the Transcontinental Ride.  It's well written.  Phrases such as 'the second winner' are used.  Beautiful!

Next ride is ... Whitstable!

Rest of the photos are here: MyPhotos



Anonymous said...

Weer eens een prachtig maar(belated) verslag.
Mooie foto's ook.
Hebben ook de transcontinental race gevolgd: buitengewone prestatie!
Nu het verslag van Solovetski afwachten ;)
See you on saturday!
Meim en Peip xxx xxx

Kris said...

Er waren precies veel deelnemers!Gelukkig compenseerde het goede gezelschap het wat miezerig weer!Mooie foto's btw: die met de schaapjes is deze keer mijn favo , gevolgd door die met de eierkoek en vuile vingerkes! :)