Sunday 23 March 2014

The Dean 300 - 29 March

The Dean 300 can be described as a 'Wales and back' ride.  It starts in Oxford (where you'll find oxes), goes west to the Forest of Dean (where you'll find wild pigs), takes you to the half way point at Chepstow (where you'll find Wales), goes to the most southerly point of Marlborough (where you'll find white horses) and then back north to Oxford.

I spent yesterday afternoon audaxifying my bike, which had me thinking about the highlights from previous years:

  • sunrise as we cycle out of Oxford into the country side
  • skylarks and daffodils
  • Cotswolds
  • hearing the wild pigs in the Forest of Dean
  • the chalk horses in Wiltshire - when I'm quick enough to get there in daylight
  • lunch in Chepstow's Aslan's cafe (yes this list is in a random order)
  • Severn Bridge
  • the climb to Somerset monument
  • the magnificent Membury services, only audaxers would note that as a highlight!
In good conditions, this is a fabulous ride showing off some great British countryside.  Weather forecast for next weekend is promising.  I need to be mindful of headwind on way back and the temperature dropping after dark.   Looking forward to it.

Forest of Dean on previous ride.


Anonymous said...

Het wordt een superride, superweer en supermooi landschap!
Enjoy en niet forceren hé zoeteke. xxx

Clergy Who Cycle said...

Looks like a beautiful ride - have fun this weekend. Hope the weather is good for you.

Anonymous said...

...en ondertussen is de rit voorbij en is Bengske geslaagd!
Meim en Peip xxx xxx