Thursday 16 October 2014

FNRttC - Felpham

See how dark it is in that picture? It's what you should expect isn't it, when you cycle through the night? But I found it very dark. It's as if I was in one of my tunnel phases on the third night of a 1200. This Friday night was long. We were in Pulborough and it was still dark, very dark. I was waiting, urging on dawn.

I'd been struggling to stay awake. I was dozing off. I was going backwards and sideways, on the hills.

When Simon announced Pulborough train station being 5 minutes away, I didn't have much hesitation. Be bold, I thought, dare to take the train. “I'll take the train, Simon”. He double checked and looked closely to make sure it was me.

Miranda joined me – there is no shame in taking the train with a PBP ancienne was her reasoning. We got to the train station and bought tickets. On the screen we could see that we had just missed a train to Bognor, on the platform we could see that the train was delayed. That got us into euphorics. Within a couple of minutes were were on the train, and the lights were on! Bright light like daylight!

Photo by
The 5 Mile Cyclist
Whilst cycling one of my sideways I had been dreaming of sleeping in a corner of the Lobster Pot Cafe, and nothing was going to wake me up. Now, I was dreaming of dancing on the tables of the Lobster Pot Cafe, and nothing was going to get me down. When we got to the Lobster Pot cafe, they were just setting up. I quite enjoyed the cafe experience from the other side of the fence.

Somebody asked: 'Are you cyclists'? 'Yes', said Miranda. We looked at each other: 'No, we're trainers!'

It was nice to see everybody. I wanted to be on the last ride (I can't make Southend). I enjoyed The Cabin and the Lobster Pot Cafe breakfast, as well as the company on the train back to London.

Thanks to riders, tecs, waymarkers and Simon and Susie for a wonderful era of night cycling.

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Weer eens genoten van je "schrijfkunst" en je prachtige foto's. Thank you Bengske XXX XXX w