Sunday 10 April 2016

The Boat Ride 200 PERM

It was a day for bullfinches, buzzards and bumblebees.  I could add bluebells also.

At the most northern point, Stoke Bruerne, I felt connected because of the Grand Union Canal that passes through Hanwell also.

Stoke Bruerne
The 'Road Closed' sign reminded me of the rope across the Solovetsky Monastery shop: it's there to be climbed over!  The road turned out to be closed for cars, but not for cyclists or pedestrians.  Try not to get angry!

I didn't have a good time collecting receipts.  The first tea room's receipt didn't have the location nor the time.  I explained and they stamped a card that still didn't have the location nor the time.  The first pub was open, but not open for business.  The second pub was jam packed full of Grand National punters that I walked straight back out.  I took various photos for proof of passage and then I gave up and relied on my memory that you can use gps logs for validation, which indeed is true.

I didn't take many other photos.  I wasn't inspired, didn't see any buckets in trees.  I wasn't very mindful either.  My mind was elsewhere.  Shame on me.  But I couldn't help but look forward to the next day's Southall Vaisakhi.

I was pleased to get home in time, but all in all, I'm putting this down to a training ride.


Anonymous said...

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VERY WELL DONE in spite of some bad expierences.
Meim & Peip XXX XXX

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