Tuesday 21 July 2009

The Poor Student 200 Perm

This is the new bike on its first outing: it ran very nicely. I just need to do a little more fettling (= prutsen in flemish!) to get the setup just right. The seat needs be lowered just a fraction, but was at its lowest. So, I'll need to saw of a bit off the stem, or swap with another. The handlebar needs to be tilted up a bit and I'd like some extra padding (on the handlebar).

All in all, I was very happy and really noticed the greater flexibility compared with the racing bike which is very stiff (good for sprinting though!).

So I decided to repeat The Poor Student 200 route, which takes you from Oxford to Malmesbury and through the Cotswolds. It is a lovely route. I completed the route in 11.5 hours, which is an improvement on 13.5 hours when we did it in January. But then the conditions were very different!
Here are some pictures of the scenery:


Anonymous said...

We do like your new bike. The very best with it. We enjoyed de photo's you put on your blog. See you soon! Meim and Peip

Kris said...

Proficiat met je nieuwe fiets.Je hebt nog veel tijd om hem te roderen.Vergeet hem niet te laten zegenen of dopen hé, dat brengt geluk, zeggen ze!dada, xxx

Anonymous said...

are you sure that was the same ride we did together ....doesn't look grey, cold or bleak enough ;-)..actually looks like somewhere quite nice!! See you soon in wales for the BCM.


Richard C said...

Hey Els. The new bike looks cool. Are those Fulcrum wheels? Can you tell us about the frame and components?

Not long til La Gorda now!!!!!!