Sunday 12 July 2009

The Poor Student 200 Perm

Yabadabadooo!! 11 hours including stops! 9 hours 45 minutes of riding.

After our allotment party yesterday, I really wasn't in the mood for cycling (not that I was drinking). But the alarm went off at 04:30 this morning and up I got. It was still raining, but I knew it was going to stop around 6AM, which was my planned start time in Oxford.

Everything went well. Made good time in the morning, so had lunch in the Summer Cafe. As I've mentioned before, the Poor Student is a lovely ride from Oxford to Cirencester and back via Malmesbury.

Loved seeing the lavender on Snowshill. More pictures on the slideshow till the next ride, or here.

Again, many thanks to everybody who has donated! There is still time to donate (after LEL, I will never ever ask again).


Kris said...

Mooie toer hoor,old England op en top!Dat geeft vertrouwen voor LEL!
De andere kandidaten gaan nogal verschieten als jij als een speer door de bocht zult vliegen!dada xxx

Anonymous said...

Goed gedaan Bengske, en we zijn zo blij met de foto's. Nog een bevestiging dat je zeker je camera moet meenemen voor LEL.