Monday 2 April 2012

The Dorset Coast 200

Without eye contact and with an air of 'you might try to tell me otherwise, but you'll be wrong', Mark Brooking told me that the Dorset Coast would push my favourite ride, the Dean 300, off its top spot.  I'll admit it straight way, he was right.  I could do compares and contrasts, but in short: it's on my to do list for 2013.

There were many things I didn't do for this ride: I didn't take a second inner tube, no spare tyre, no clothes for all seasons just the arm and leg warmers, no food, just the one bonk ration, no spare bidon. There was advice on the forum to change to SPD pedals for easier walking up the hills and prevent wearing out cleats.  But that is another thing I didn't do.  All calculated risks, apart from the pedal change.  Would I have to admit again: 'You're right, I should have changed pedals?'. It was on my mind on every climb, but every climb I climbed by climbing - not walking.  Hoorraaah!  I have a habit of conserving energy for as long as possible.  Something I learned on the BCM 600.  Not this time, I saw it as a training ride for harder rides to come and I pushed when necessary and when not necessary.

When not necessary was when Andrew and I were 'caught up' in a train - our domestiques, Andrew called the group.  Man! That was exhilarating.  I wish I could have seen my own facial expression.  There was a moment when Andrew was looking back at me and right then, I could feel the intensity in my eyes.  40-42km/hr we were doing at one point!  Here are a few more facts: top speed of 64km/hr, 13% of the distance was below the minimum audax speed, but 31% was with a speed above 30km/hr.   No wonder this became my fastest 200 ever.  I was so happy.  I kept saying it to Andrew. I was unusually expressive during the day with wows and yeehaas.

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It was a fantastic day out with new cycling experiences.  And finishing in day light!  Didn't even switch on any lights, not even for morning fog.

Other thoughts
  • the large number of participants
  • the start reminded me of my earliest El Supremo audaxes, full of anticipation, nerves, many top bikes and bikers around
  • the typical seaside town of Weymouth with deck chairs and Punch and Judy
  • beautiful Chisel Beach
  • the views!
  • the perfect weather
  • excellent organisation - thank you to Peter and helpers
  • found Peter L most  mesmerising - he was on fixed
  • would like to make a weekend of it next year
  • and take the full time allowed
  • knees a little sore on Monday ... and Tuesday!
  • many Easter Arrow-ers present
  • many thanks to MikeW for hospitality before the ride
  • and thanks to AndrewP for the company for much of the ride, you certainly have motivated me to get faster by cycling faster!
Photos are on the slideshow till the next rider or here: Clicky
Excellent photos by chillmoister: chillmoister's Dorset Coast 2012 Album

Peter L


Anonymous said...

Cracking stuff m'dear and some very fine pictures. The 3D is the next one and with that in the bag, there is just the Porkers and the Hellfire - then you will be a Wessex Super Randonneuse!


Swarm_Catcher said...

Thanks Hummers! ... just the Porkers and the Hellfire. Still leaves me trembling in my cleats.

Anonymous said...

Well done Els!
Glad you made it up all the hills despite my dire warnings.

(another Peter L .... and no I most certainly did not ride it fixed!)

Anonymous said...

Wat heb je chance gehad met het weer, en zo'n mooi landschap en zoveel cyclefriends ontmoet! Misschien neemt die "hele bende" volgend jaardeel aan de ronde van Vlaanderen: mooie vergezichten, veel embiance en... kasseien!
Prachtige foto's genomen door jou en Chilmoister!
See you soon!
Meim en Peip xxx xxx

Kris said...

Dus Miss Super Randonneuse ziet een 200km audax als een trainingske om" de benen eens te testen",zoals d'echte dat noemen. Maar ja, je bént dan ook niet voor niets de " Prof " van d'amateurs hé! See you in May!xxx