Monday 9 April 2012

The Easter Arrow 2012

The best of the Easter Arrow 2012 was meeting other teams on the way to York.  Less than 20 miles after setting off and we spotted 'an arrow' flying by and across to Lavenham.  This was just after us surprising a deer in the middle of a field. Apparently four of the six native deer can be found in Suffolk. Then John pointed out a buzzard sitting on top of a post.  It flew off and around us for a while.  The morning was fantastic in spring  sunshine, excellent countryside to cycle through.

In Sleaford, we bumped into the Essex team lead by tomsk, who were using the same Packhorse Inn as control.  That was a big morale booster, because we were a bit low after being headwinded all the way.  Just being able to compare notes gives you a pick-me-up.

Suffolking Slow was our team name.  And we were!  While a couple of us started to watch the clock, arabella remained her cool, confident self.  A motley crew we were also: arabella was on a fixed ladies bike a la Sophie Matter, me on single speed, Marcus on fixed, Jane on trike and John on a geared bike.

Suffolking Slow
I had decided to use my single speed, because my memory from last year was that the route was flat as a pancake.  Only, when you use a single speed, you realise that, although pancakes are flat, sometimes they come in stacks. So I had to get off and walk one of the stacks.

Several times we were shouted at from cars.  Often it is done just to give you a fright.  But it appears that one of them was very angry.  In his efforts to let his feelings be known, he stuck his head out of the window and delivered his expletives in such an animated way that his sunglasses fell off onto the ground.  Marcus managed to avoid cycling over them which is a shame.  It could have been such a good 'oh ooops sorry' gem of a moment.

My mind was playing tricks again.  I could not see one advert without reading something else into it.  The first was 'free range eggs £1.20'.  How can they be free when you charge £1.20.  The next was 'Live singer on Saturday'.   Imagine a dead singer on Saturday.  'Sunday roast being served now.'  Liers! It's Friday and you're closed anyway'.  

I have a proposal for Paul Smith and Rapha.  The items will come as the 'SR Series' of Den Coureur (£600), Den Derailleur (£400), Den Soigneur (£300) and Den Vapeur (£200).  You can go all out and get the Den Primeur for £1200.  I'm talking about a cycling friendly camera.  A camera which will respond to touch and voice.  The body will have an 'arm' coming down on the right hand side (for right handed people).  As soon as you grab the arm, the camera will be on, just like the iPad switches on as soon as you take the cover off.   Then you can customise your 'Vitessen' (gears).  I only need three (which is what you get with Den Soigneur at £300): normal, sunny, dark. Those will be voice recognised.  So you're cycling along, see a deer coming out of the bushes, you grab the camera which sits nicely in an angled pocket at the front of your Rapha top.  You say 'vitesse donker' - to continue the west-flemish language theme - and press the button with your thumb, as the button is on the front of the arm.  All done in one seamless action and in less than a second. 'Innovate' says Graeme Obree'.

Other thoughts:
  • Thanks to arabella and the team for a wonderful start to the Easter weekend
  • Meeting so many audaxers/yacfers at the Punchbowl
  • Great journey back on the train
  • Congratulations to simonp for completing the 25000 brevet
  • Congratulations to John for completing a first 400, and Jane on trike
  • Best of luck to the Things for their next adventure
Photos are on the slideshow till the next ride or here: Clicky


Anonymous said...

We hebben af en toe eens moeten lachen als we je verslag lazen.
Ja , zooo jammer dat de bril het overleefde! Volgende keer better luck hopen we!
Goed idee van de camera. Wel je % vragen hé aan Rapha: zo' uitvinding is zeker de moeite.
Lots of love.
Meim en Peipxxx xxx

Kris said...

Ik drukte op F11 om beter te kunnen zien, ik zette mijn strafste leesbril op om nog beter te kunnen kijken en dan, na een speurtocht van 2 min en 34 sec vond ik de 4 fietsen op de vlag.Wat een belevenis!Ik zag paarden, honden, fietsen- is de jouwe een blauwe met bleekblauwe biddons?- Ja? Oef, nog een zoektocht met resultaat... maar ik zag nergens, maar ook nergens een paasei:( Wel een " kerstmistaart" met sterren op...dat was toch de vreemdste Easter Arrow in cycling history ! :)