Monday 9 December 2013

The Winter Boat Trip 200

It's OK to count down the miles at the end of a ride.  But at the beginning of a ride?  We were only 5km in and I was already implementing my 'always get to the first control' rule.   I was counting down the miles to Quainton.  I had forgotten my lock, my gps was not behaving like it normally does, I couldn't find the info control, it just wasn't going to be my day for cycling.  There were plenty of things I could be doing at home, like writing up my Russian ride.  Do bear with me on that, it's not that I haven't started.  In fact I've started a couple of times …

I got to the first control and everything fell into place.

First control at Quainton
It was a great day out.  I feel I haven't lost too much form after several months off audaxing, I'm still slow.  That doesn't matter.  You get to enjoy the ride for longer.   You can see all of the long sunset we had.  In fact sunrise was long also.

Sunrise in the country
A lot seemed to be happening in the sky.  A biplane overflew me.  I was gazing too much to get my camera ready.  But I got a few photos of the kites which were over and across, up and down all around us at some stage.

Kites in the sky

I was riding on my own most of the time, apart from a section with Mel.  After Stoke Bruerne, I waited and waited for the lunchers to catch up with me.  But nobody did.  At the last control,  two riders finally turned up.   I ended up doing the dark hours with one of them, I appreciated his company.

Company at the Co-op shop
I enjoyed cycling through Waddesdon and the Waddesdon Manor grounds.  I must visit, it's in cycling distance!  Plenty to see and do with a house, gardens, aviary, art collection and restaurant.  The place sounds fascinating.  Although I knew about the Rothschilds through banking and wine, I didn't know there is so much Rothschild history right here.

Spotted in the grounds of Waddesdon Manor

The cut through Towcester Racecourse was also good.  They give you glimpses of other worlds.

Towcester Racecourse

Thanks to Manotea and helpers for organising.

Photos are here: MyPhotos

Other thoughts:
  • Route is Hillingdon, Quainton, Stoke Bruerne, Tring and Ickenham, see Auk event
  • A little bit of rain
  • Temperatures dropped after dark, but it was a mild day overall
  • Seeing Father Christmas
  • Arabella hinting at an Easter Arrow 2014
  • I need a new headlight
  • Victoria Sponge at Quainton was excellent.
  • Should I make my 'I love my velo' tattoo permanent?


5 Mile Cyclist said...

Brilliant! How do you do these things? Am much looking forward to the Russian Write up...

Anonymous said...

Je "write up" in één adem gelezen. Zoals 5 Mile Cyclist schrijft: " madame, hoe doejt?"
Het is steeds zo verrijkend en intertaining je belevenissen te lezen.
Thank you very much. Misschien volgende keer een selfie? :)
Meim en Peip xxx xxx

Kris said...

-ik zou die tattoo niet permanent zetten, het
zou een beetje eenraar zicht zijn tijdens je marathon in 2014!!;)
-een leuk, vlot verslag van een mooie rit van 200km!

JS said...

I'm looking forward to reading the Russian write-up as well.