Wednesday 1 January 2014

FNRttC XMas Tourette

Tourette?  Only the grandest tour of the best buildings in London you could ever have missed.   If I was pointed out just one of those buildings a month, I'd be happy for all of 2014.  Maybe there is a calendar idea in there for mmmartin.

It's not only what you see, it's what it makes you see that gets me shaking my head.  For example the building on the corner of Bethnal Green Road was not part of the tour but caught my eye.

The old Swan Tavern incorporated into a new building.
I like the first floor windows.

Other moments, nothing to do with architecture, made this a bit of a magical tour in itself.  There were the mounted House Guards coming through Wellington Arch.  There was archery going on in Kensington Gardens.  There were star stalkers, a wheel walker, a gutter guy and a white wedding.  Also the 'why a goat?' sculpture in Spitalfields and the street art in the east end generally.

Why use a pavement when there is an empty gutter.

I did quite a bit of post-ride internet searching.  It's easy to get carried away with tenuous links.  Try googling Arne Jacobsen.  You will not find a building, but images of chairs and cutlery.  Arne shares the same birthday with me.  But back to the Danish Embassy building - would I have stopped to look if it hadn't been pointed out to me?

No such question comes to mind when seeing the Blue House.

It reminded me of a photo I had taken earlier in the day.

And round the corner was a little surprise.

Corner of Garner Street

What a treat this modest Tourette was.  Thank you Simon!

Photos are here: MyPhotos


Anonymous said...

Je beschrijving van je rit is zoooo boeiend, precies of we er zelf bij waren , of zeker er had willen bijzijn,
Heel interressant! Thank you om je ervaringen en prachtige foto's mee te delen.
Meim en Peip xxx xxx

Kris said...

Leuke details, zoals het kleine aapje :) Ben benieuwd wat de volgende topic zal zijn !.. Misschien brievenbussen of deurbellen?
Mooi verslag!